Press Release ASM MICROBE 2019


The annual meeting of the ASM (American Society for Microbiology) was held in San Francisco, California (USA).

One highlighted subject was the importance of environmental protection from microbial contamination.

Roberto Ligugnana with the collaboration of R. Montagna, A.Ligugnana, S. Ligugnana, A. Klavins, R. Malherbe, K. Spallino, and A. Hsiung presented the poster “Importance of Air Quality Monitoring in the Long Term Preservation of Art Masterpieces from Microbiological Degradation.”

In this study, air samples from various locations inside a  museum were captured via an automated air sampling  device called TRIO.BAS (Orum International, Milan, Italy).

Art masterpieces are sensitive to biodegradation caused by bacteria and fungi. The paper presented a method to evaluate the microbial trend as an effective preventive strategy to avoid the biodegradation of art masterpieces over time.

The complete document may be downloaded from this links.

Microbiological Environmental Laboratory

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