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How do you assure inspectors that your air sampler draws 100 l/min between calibrations??

The correct calibration is an important part of the conformity requested by the regulatory authorities of the pharma field.

Therefore the performances of the air sampler should be controlled at regular intervals to highlight  possible non compliance.

The VERITEST SYSTEM is in the hands of the operator to check the precision level of the air flow to confirm in a written document that has been validated by a quality controller.

The use of VERITEST is simple and it requests just few minutes.


The system works by measuring the depression generated by the air sampler while air is aspirated through an aspirating bell applied to the aspirating head.

A differential pressure sensor measures that depression and compares it with the set value stored in the TRIO.BAS air sampler under test.

Results are displayed on instrument display and then be recorded and transferred to an official document.

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