PRESS RELEASE 2022-12-01


The Italian company ORUM INTERNATIONAL presents a complete set of disposal bags to be used in all microbiological laboratories to simplify the life of the busy lab technicians.

Eight different types of bag are available:

A simple “SUPER BAG” and a “SFB” Side filter bag with filter for pipetting after blending the solid food sample. Both are sterilised by Gamma irradiation.

Sterile “WCB” WIRE COLLECTING BAG with metal closure and a COLLECTING BAG with adesive tape closure.

A “BIOHAZARD BAG” and a “BIOHAZARD POCKET SUPER BAG” for biohazard sample transfer.

A sterile “CLEANROOM BAG” to be used to transfer the biological material like Petri dish, Contact plate, swab from the Cleanroom to the analytical laboratory.

A “STERILBAG” bag for autoclaving the infected material.

All the bags are made in strong plastic material and packaged in recycable material.

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