PRESS RELEASE 2022-10-01


The diffusion of Corona Virus with the consequent COVID-19 pandemic is a big challenge in the today world. Other dangerous viruses are the RSV Respiratory Syncytial Virus, Rotavirus, Influenza A. 

The public health authorities have a big concern to find solutions to guarantee the biosafety from respiratory viruses. 

The viruses are viable in aerosol for 2-3 hours and more hours on surfaces: this represents a high risk of their diffusion in public areas like hospitals, schools, cinemas, restaurants, theatre, train, municipalities buildings. 

The regular monitoring of the air of these environments that are often very crowded is necessary to have the situation under control. 

Other typical areas to monitor for virus presence are the veterinary field for swine, chicken farms and dairy for bacteriophages. 

The new “AIRBIO.ONE RAPID-VIRUS” air sampler produced by ORUM INTERNATIONAL (Milan, Italy) in combination with the rapid PCR tests is the answer to this need. 

AIRBIO.ONE RAPID-VIRUS sampler, portable compact instrument, is the answer to this request. 

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