PRESS RELEASE 2023-09-01


AIR.BIO TRIO is the new entry in the yellow family of the microbial environmental air samplers.

It is the answer to the today market request: to save time, to reduce the contamination risk.

The time is saved with the 200 litres / minute version because 1 cubic metre of air (1000 litres)  is aspirated in half time in comparison with a normal 100 litres / minute version air samplers. Furthermore up to 3 culture media are used at the same time.

The contamination risk is reduced because the operator manipulates 3 heads at the same time.

Standard 90 mm Petri dishes are available from different producers avoiding the expensive exclusive culture system of dedicated systems.

The 3 aspirating heads give the possibility to identify  at which point of the working shift a possible contamination occurs to facilitate the corrective actions.

The AIR.BIO TRIO is complete of IQ, OQ, PQ documents.

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