PRESS RELEASE 2022-10-04


Patients and hospital staff have every day the risk of nosocomial infections caused by several micro-organisms and viruses.

The bio-aerosol may include culturable, non-culturable and non-viable micro-organisms and the infected bio-aerosol can act as a vector for the transmission of infection from person to person.

For these reasons the bio-aerosol of healthcare premises should be regularly tested to confirm that the health situation is under control.

This situation is more important in case of pandemia like the recent COVID 19 virus.

The AIRBIO.ONE RAPID VIRUS air sampler has been developed by the Italian company ORUM INTERNATIONAL to monitor the bacterial and virus presence in healthcare premises.

The bio-aerosol is captured in liquid and the subsequent modern rapid methods like PCR and NGS can confirm or enumerate the presence of pathogens.

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